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Congratulations Winners & Poets: 2022 Poetry Contest

Congratulations to the winners and our appreciation to all of the poets who participated in the 2022 Poetry Contest of the Woodridge Public Library.

Ribbons and gift cards are being awarded to the following participants:

Grand Winner - Across All Categories - Phyllis Sinclair, Roses do Not Purr
Adult Category Winner - Shannon Huang, Surtr
Adult Notable Entry - Paul Engel, Empty Swings
Teen Category Winner - Lucia M., I'm From Adventure
Teen Notable Entry - Tana P., Don't Waste Your Fire
Tween Category Winner - Savanna H., The Bright Night
Child Category Winner - Maxwell D., The Hot Seat
Child Notable Entry - Clara M., Magic Box

Poems can be read online: see Adult, Teen, Tween, and Children's poem collections.