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Hoopla Settings Fix

Are you getting an error saying something is wrong with your library card or PIN when trying to use the Hoopla app? Here are some things to try.

First, have you reset your PIN recently? You'll have to follow the steps below to change it in the Hoopla app. If you don't know your PIN, you can reset it from our online catalog. Click on Forgot my PIN, enter your card number, and click Submit. You'll recieve instructions by email.

Follow these steps to enter a new PIN, or if the app is giving you that error:

Open the Hoopla app and tap the gear icon in the top left.

Hoopla settings gear icon

Tap on Library Settings.

Hoopla Settings

You have to update your library even if it already shows that you're registered with Woodridge Public Library. 
Touch and fill in the Library, Library Card, and PIN fields and then tap Save Library settings.

Hoopla library settings

The app will refresh and you'll see the library's logo for a few seconds before going back to the Hoopla starting screen. You should now be able to borrow and enjoy items from Hoopla. If you're still having issues, please contact us.