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In-Person: Practice SAT Test

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Program Type: Teen Programs
Age: Teens
Allowed Grades: 9th Grade to 12th Grade
Registration for this event has closed.

Registration is required. Students will take a print practice S.A.T. test in an environment similar to taking an actual test. A library staff member will proctor the full-length simulated test (no essay component) for high school students. Students should bring number 2 pencils and an eraser, an acceptable SAT calculator, and a water bottle.

Following the test,  students will score their own test with an answer sheet and scoring guide. A library staff member will explain the scoring guide and assist students as they score their tests. Teens can choose to stay for this group scoring activity or to score their test at home. (It's important to score and calculate subscores so you can see what topics need more study.)

Testing takes approximately 3 hours. Time will also be spent with a sign-in period, two breaks, and the follow-up scoring activity. Get tips to prepare for the practice SAT.

Masks are required to attend this in-person program. Everyone, including children over the age of two (2) and adults, must wear a mask and follow social distancing and other Covid-19 safety measures. See website for COVID-19 Safety Measures updates.