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Thrifty Toothpaste Squeegee Request

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Thrifty Toothpaste SqueegeeAn easy way to save money is to use every last bit of what you buy. This toothpaste squeegee will help you with that. Slide it on a tube of toothpaste and squish out all the minty goodness! 

Your squeegee will have a randomly chosen design and be the color you choose. You can put in multiple requests if you'd like more than one. But please, no more than four at one time.

Each toothpaste squeegee is $1. The charge will be added to your account after your squeegee is printed and you can pay online. We'll contact you when your order is ready and you can pick it up through our curbside pickup service.

Toothpaste squeegees will be available to request through January 31st or while supplies last.