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Virtual: The Wonders of Bird Migration

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We all look forward to the month of March and the beginning of spring. In fact, one of the harbingers of the season is the arrival of migrating birds, from high flying sandhill cranes to the tiniest hummingbirds and most colorful warblers. 

But where did the birds you saw last summer go for the winter, anyway? How and why do they return in the spring? How can a bird weighing a fraction of an ounce fly from South America, cross the Gulf of Mexico, and end up in your backyard? How is climate change in the Arctic and South America affecting the migration of birds?

In "The Wonders of Bird Migration," John Cebula, educator, writer, and naturalist from the DuPage Birding Club will explore these and other questions based on the latest scientific knowledge. Come prepared to learn about the mysteries of bird migration!

John will also discuss some of the species of spring migrants known to pass through our area. Many of these birds will be showing off their most colorful breeding plumage of the year!

Wednesday, February 16, 7 p.m. This is a free virtual program using Zoom.

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