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Reserve a Room

There are three ways to reserve a room at Woodridge Public Library

You may select a date and time to see which rooms are available, select a room to see when it is available, or select a date from a monthly calendar view. Meeting room reservations and use are subject to the Public Spaces Use Policy

Note: Room reservations operate on a quarterly schedule.

In addition to the Meeting Room, there are nine smaller study rooms. These rooms are intended for use by small groups working on projects or students being tutored, but individuals may also use them. You do not need to be a Woodridge resident to use these rooms. The rooms range in occupancy from one to six people. These study rooms are available for up to three hours, with time extended if no one else is waiting. Rooms may be booked a week in advance. An ID (preferably a library card) is taken when an individual or group signs in at the Adult & Teen Reference Desk. The Guidelines for use of the study rooms are posted on the doors of the rooms.







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