The Woodridge Public Library accepts donations of books and other materials. The Library retains the right to accept or reject donations based on the same evaluative criteria that are applied to purchase materials. Not all donations can be accepted. Personal property, art objects, memorial or commemorative objects, displays or plaques, portraits, artifacts and similar materials are generally not accepted as gifts by the Library. Library staff and/or representatives of the Friends of the Library make all decisions as to the use, housing, and final disposition of donations.

Most needed are donated items in good condition, including new and popular books, and children’s books. The Library reserves the right to decline donations of materials that are old, stained or musty, or which will not sell well. No magazines, encyclopedias, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, or discontinued formats such as VHS tapes, cassette tapes or records are accepted. Donations are limited to 3 bags or boxes and must be brought to the Circulation Desk.

Monetary donations can be made in honor or memory of someone. Fill out an Honor Bound form (also available at the Circulation Desk) and return it to the Circulation Desk or mail it to the Library. The Library will select items based on the interests of the person the donation is made of honor of and place bookplates with a message about the person in the items.