Nearby Jubilee Street Closures: Library Parking Remains Open

Jubilee street closures near the Library run from June 10 through June 17: Woodridge Drive is closed from 71st Street to Center Drive and Center Drive is closed from Wild Plum to Plaza Drive. See the Park District website for Jubilee details

Saturday, June 15 from noon - 3 p.m. visit the Library's fun minion-themed tent at the Jubilee for a photo-op and activity!

Community Information and Display Policy

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The Woodridge Public Library provides limited community bulletin board and pamphlet display space to serve the needs of the Library and the Woodridge community. The Library will have first priority to the use of all bulletin board and pamphlet areas.


  1. The community bulletin board and pamphlet display area is intended to provide information to the Library’s patrons about events or services of a cultural, educational, or community/social service nature. As such the bulletin board and display area is for the distribution of library information, information pertaining to government programs and non-commercial community events only when submitted by authorized representatives. Community events occurring within Woodridge or immediately adjoining the boundaries of Woodridge will be given priority.
  2. No items may be displayed without the approval of designated library staff, who will maintain and post all notices, flyers, and pamphlets. Materials left at the library without approval from staff may be disposed of.
  3. Examples of acceptable materials for posting include, but are not limited to: special non-profit events and activities, and activities and services available through municipal, state, and federal offices. All postings are subject to the constraints of available space in the bulletin board and pamphlet display area.
  4. Items to be considered for posting should be received two weeks prior to posting and will be posted no more than four weeks. Items to be considered for posting should be emailed to staff or left with the Circulation Desk staff to the attention of the Community Bulletin Board/Pamphlet Display. Items that have been on display longer than four weeks or past the date of the event will be removed.
  5. Materials for posting must conform to Federal, State and Local laws including election laws.

The following types of items will not be displayed:

  1. Any advertisement pertaining to the selling of products or services, such as, but not limited to: cosmetics, autos, furniture, day care, lawn care, house cleaning, tutoring, real estate, sports clubs/organizations, etc.
  2. Advertisements for personal or commercial solicitation, fundraising, recruitment, or proselytizing. Promotions of fundraising by Woodridge area non-profit organizations may be permitted.
  3. Items that advertise commercial events, garage sale type or other sale event signs.
  4. Materials containing information that advocate or promote a partisan position on any issue.

Library, government or educational institution sponsored table displays or information sessions are permitted at the Library’s discretion.

The placement and display of any materials on tables or bookshelves at the Library, without authorization, will be removed immediately and discarded.

The use of the Library’s posting areas does not imply Library staff or the Board of Trustees endorsement of a group or organization, it policies or beliefs, product, service, activity, or event displayed in the posted item.

The Library does not assume responsibility for display materials that are damaged or stolen.

Failure to comply with the Community Information and Display Policy may result in a loss of public posting privileges.

Library staff shall develop such rules and procedures as are necessary to ensure compliance with the Community Information and Display Policy.

Approved by the Woodridge Public Library Board of Trustees on 2/16/2022

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