Technology Policy

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The Woodridge Public Library provides access to electronic information and communication systems for use by the public. As with Library materials, restriction or regulation of a child’s access to the Internet is the right and responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. Library Internet access and scanning is free, but there are charges for printing, copying, and faxing.

Computers in the Children’s Department are provided for cardholders under 12 years old. Children under 9 must remain with an adult while he/she is using the computer. Adults or caregivers accompanied by a child under 12 may obtain a guest pass to use the computers in the Children’s Department if they are directly observing a child using the computers. Adults and teens may not use the children’s computers at any time if a child under their direct observation is not also using the computer or attending a storytime.  

All users are expected to access and use the Internet in a lawful and responsible manner. The Library reserves the right to classify any Internet action, access, or operation as inappropriate. Patrons will not use the Library systems for unauthorized purposes, or exhibit disruptive behaviors, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any purpose that violates a federal, state, or local law, including copyright law and licensing agreements
  • Using another patron’s library card to gain access to computers
  • Viewing sites that may be inadvertently viewed by others and are not appropriate in a public place, including offensive, harassing, vulgar, sexually explicit, or threatening communications, sounds, and images that are considered objectionable or disturbing by other library users or staff
  • Installing or modifying software on Library computers or attempting to gain access to restricted files or networks
  • Altering existing equipment or connections, including removing/detaching hardware or network cables from any Library equipment
  • Harassment, including sexual harassment, loud talking, inappropriate language, excessive volume when using headphones, cell phone use, and rudeness to other staff or patrons

The security of information or communications while using the Library’s public computers or public wireless network cannot be guaranteed.  Wireless communications are not secure and networks are sometimes susceptible to outside intervention. Patrons using the Internet to handle transactions of a personal nature, including banking, do so at their own risk. The Library is not responsible for the loss or corruption of a patron’s files, or loss or damages, direct or indirect, which result from a patron’s use of the Library’s technology.   

Staff will provide a limited amount of basic guidance to technology users.

Violating this policy will result in loss of computer and/or Library privileges as detailed in the Library’s Behavior Policy. 

Library staff shall develop such rules and procedures as are necessary to ensure the fair and reasonable use of technology resources.

Approved by the Woodridge Public Library Board of Trustees 3/15/2023

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